Free 11 + Challenge Cards

For free 11 + Challenge cards, click the picture below and it'll take you to my TPT store where you'll be able to download the cards for free. There are 54 challenge cards included in this pack. These flash cards have challenging words that regularly appear in the 11 + entrance exams and can be… Continue reading Free 11 + Challenge Cards


Anti-Bullying Lesson Planning Ideas Can you re-tell the events from the perspective of the bumblebee? Draw an emotions chart to show how the boy in the red shirt could be feeling. Pause the video at 3:48, what do you think will happen next? Create a comic strip, detailing the events of the video clip. Change… Continue reading Anti-Bullying

5 ways to have fun while learning early maths skills

Getting maths off to a good start can have positive benefits in years to come. Early maths skills in young learners can set the foundations for their attitudes towards the subject later on down the line. Studies have shown time and again that children learn best through play, especially when starting out in school. Learning… Continue reading 5 ways to have fun while learning early maths skills