Video Teaching Inspiration #1: Soar

Thinking Questions

How does the girl feel when her plane crashes? Make a note of some words to describe how she might be feeling.

0.56 Who do you think the purse belongs to? What do you think might be inside the purse?

Why does the little boy grab the pencil? How do you think he is feeling?

Pause video at 1.54: What could happen next? What would you do in a similar situation?

How did the girl help the boy?

What was the moral of the story?

Writing Ideas

Imagine you are the girl in the story. When you get home that evening, write a diary entry about what has happened in the day. Describe how you felt when the small aircraft crashed and how you helped the boy to fly again. Include as many feelings words and adjectives as you can.

Write a list of instructions on how to create the best flying aircraft. Remember to use excellent adverbs and include lots of detail!

Create a short play script to show what the characters might be saying to each other. Include stage directions, scene descriptions and lots of dialogue.


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