Video Teaching Inspiration #3

Thinking Questions

What did you enjoy about the clip?

What made the magician’s hat magical?

How did the rabbit feel?

Why was the rabbit frustrated?

How did the rabbit behave when he/she didn’t get the carrot?

What could the magician have done differently?

What could the rabbit have done differently?

What tricks did the rabbit play on the magician?

Why was the performance still a success?

Did the story end well? Why?

Writing Ideas

Write a play script based on a magic show. You can invent your own characters and an animal that is included in the performance. The magician and his companion have a disagreement. Write about the disagreement and the consequences on the show.

What happens next? Write the event that comes after the magic show is finished. Does the magician keep working with the rabbit and put on another performance? What happens this time?

The magician is fed up with his mischievous rabbit. He wants to put the rabbit up for sale. Create a poster about the magician’s rabbit and use powerful adjectives to describe the rabbit’s qualities.


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