Video Teaching Inspiration #4 ~ The Wish-maker

Thinking Questions

  1. Why do the characters throw a golden coin into the well?
  2. What do you think the first man wished for? Why?
  3. Why did the man and the woman throw a golden coin into the well?
  4. What prevented their wish from coming true?
  5. How did the ‘wish-maker’ solve the problem?
  6. Which methods did the ‘wish-maker’ use to try to make their wish come true?
  7. Close your eyes. Consider what you might wish for. What would your wish be and why?
  8. If your wish didn’t come true, what actions could you take to make your wish a reality?

Writing Ideas

Imagine a character makes a wish every week. Each of his/her wishes come true, but they are not what they expected. Write about what could go wrong with his/her wishes.

Write about your own wish coming true. How would you feel if your wish came true? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you meet?

The wishing well has become too popular. Everybody’s wishes are coming true. Can you write a letter to the ‘wish-maker’ explaining how this is creating problems for the town?


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